TECCPO Mini Circular Saw TAPS22P Review: Cut Above Rest?

When tackling small DIY projects at home, having the right tools can make all the difference. We recently got our hands on the TECCPO Mini Circular Saw, and its compact size belied its power.

With a robust 4.8Amp copper motor reaching up to 3700RPM, this little powerhouse made quick work of wood, aluminum, and tile. The added convenience of the laser guide and scale ruler allowed for precision cutting that’s crucial when detail matters.

Equipped with a trio of blades to cut through various materials, this mini circular saw didn’t struggle to deliver straight cuts with commendable depth. Understandably, safety is a top concern with power tools. Thankfully, this model from TECCPO doesn’t cut corners, featuring a double safety button and a design that enhances grip control.

At just over five pounds, long projects didn’t leave us with the usual fatigue associated with heavier saws.

The vacuum adapter is a nifty addition for dust reduction, which we found to be particularly beneficial for maintaining a clear line of sight and a clean workspace.

Although its lightweight design is a significant plus, we did notice that it might not replace a full-sized circular saw for more extensive or tougher jobs. Still, for those small-scale projects, it’s a tool we find ourselves reaching for repeatedly.

Bottom Line

For the DIY enthusiasts who need a reliable, easy-to-manage saw for smaller tasks, the TECCPO Mini Circular Saw packs a punch. It balances power, precision, and safety in a design that won’t wear you out. Considering its features and ease of use, it’s a worthy addition to your toolkit.

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Unleash Effortless Cutting With TECCPO Mini Circular Saw

After putting the TECCPO mini saw through its paces, we were quite impressed with the ease of handling it offered for small to medium-sized projects. The copper motor, robust for its size, provided consistent power during cuts, ensuring we could tackle materials from wood to soft metals without worrying about overheating or power drops.

We appreciated the inclusion of three different blades, which made switching between various materials a breeze. Adjusting the cutting depth was straightforward and available on the fly, which is crucial when you have multiple cuts of varying depths to manage in one session.

The laser guide was a fantastic aid in maintaining a straight cut, a feature often reserved for bulkier, more expensive models. This level of precision is rarely seen on a saw of this size and price point. However, the laser is battery-operated, which can be an inconvenience compared to models with integrated power lasers.

Despite the sturdy design, we did experience some concern with the depth locking mechanism; it didn’t instill the same confidence as the rest of the saw’s construction. But these reservations were somewhat offset by the overall ease of use—the lightweight design didn’t lead to fatigue, which speaks volumes for its ergonomics.

Weighing in at just over 5 pounds, the TECCPO saw was a joy to handle. Even when connected to a vacuum to manage dust, the saw’s maneuverability was uncompromised. In terms of long-term investment, buyers might want to consider the longevity and availability of replacement parts, given the mixed endurance feedback on the components like the laser.

Powerful Copper Motor

In our hands-on experience with the TECCPO, the heart of its performance lies in what’s under the hood—or in this case, the shell. The copper motor powering this compact circular saw is a commendable feature. Notably efficient, it operates at a brisk 3700RPM, allowing us to make swift and clean cuts through various materials such as wood, tile, and soft metal. The use of copper in motors is generally a sign of durability and good thermal conductivity, which seemed to hold true during operation.

Although we don’t have the exact figures on torque, the saw didn’t struggle with any tasks thrown at it, signifying robustness for its size. Yet, we noticed that the high speed might demand a steady hand to maintain precision—a balance most DIY enthusiasts should manage with a little practice. The no-battery-required corded electric power source meant uninterrupted work, without the hassle of charging delays.

However, as with any tool, it wasn’t without its minor caveats. The vibrations at high speeds make it less suitable for intricate detail work, and we did wish for just a tad more power for the most demanding tasks. Overall, the powerful copper motor stands out as a solid component of the TECCPO, ensuring quick and efficient results in small project settings.

Versatile Blade Selection

We found that the TECCPO TAPS22P’s blade options are solid for a compact saw, designed to tackle various materials with efficiency. The included 24-toothed blade cuts through wood smoothly, making it handy for general carpentry. Switching to the 44-tooth blade, we managed metal with relative ease – a feature not always evident in saws of this size. The diamond-coated blade was a true asset for tile work; it left clean cuts without chipping.

In our use, the saw maintained a steady pace, and we appreciated the straightforward blade-changing process, courtesy of the included hex key. The range of blades ensures that whether you’re sawing through a kitchen backsplash tile or resizing a metal shelf, this tool adapts without a hitch.

We particularly valued the inclusion of a laser guide and scale ruler, which bolstered precision across all cutting tasks. The vacuum port is a thoughtful addition for cleaner workspaces, though effectiveness may vary with different vacuums. Overall, the blade versatility stands out as a key strength of this saw – a boon for small-scale projects with varied material needs.

Precise Cuts With Laser Guide

Having a reliable tool that makes precise cuts is vital for any crafting or DIY project. We found that the Mini Circular Saw’s laser guide significantly enhances accuracy. When we guided the saw along our marked line, the laser was bright enough to be clearly visible, which was particularly helpful for maintaining straight cuts. This laser guide, combined with the scale ruler, provided an additional level of precision that we appreciated.

However, this feature is not without drawbacks. In brightly lit environments or outdoors, the laser’s visibility can diminish, making it somewhat less effective. We also noticed that to maintain the accuracy of the laser guide, it’s essential to ensure the cells powering it are always in good condition, requiring occasional checks and replacements.

Even with these considerations, the laser guide on this circular saw is a standout feature for anyone who values exact measurements and straight lines in their work. The addition of this laser guide, in our experience, has the potential to significantly speed up projects while also reducing the chance for error.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Comfort

Handling this mini saw, we immediately noticed the advantage of its lightweight design. At just over 5 pounds, it certainly won’t strain your muscles during extended use. TECCPO seems to have crafted it with user comfort in mind, evidenced by the rubber grip that felt secure and reduced fatigue in our hands. Its compact form factor facilitated one-hand operation, which came in handy for quick and small-scale jobs.

During our testing, the ergonomic build allowed for precise control and maneuverability. Despite its small size, it didn’t compromise on power, and we found the saw easy to manage when cutting through a variety of materials. Additionally, the inclusion of a vacuum adapter to connect to a dust extraction system was a thoughtful touch, supporting a cleaner and more comfortable working environment.

One minor issue noted was the weight distribution; when handling the saw for intricate cuts, you might need a bit of practice to maintain the desired precision. Yet, overall, for hobbyists or pros tackling smaller projects, TECCPO’s mini circular saw provided a blend of lightweight convenience and functionality that didn’t disappoint.

Pros and Cons


After putting the TECCPO mini circular saw to the test, we found several standout advantages. Its 4.8Amp copper motor reaches a no-load speed of 3700RPM, making it adept at cutting various materials in a single pass. We appreciated the inclusion of three different blades, which added to the saw’s versatility—whether cutting wood, tile, or soft metal, it handled the tasks effectively.

One of the features that particularly impressed us was the precise laser guide. This, along with the scale ruler, significantly improved our ability to cut straight lines. As for the safety aspect, the saw’s double protection button prevented any potential accidental startups, giving us extra peace of mind during operation.

Weighing only 5.25 lb, the TECCPO saw’s lightweight design facilitated our handling and maneuvering. Furthermore, the ergonomic grip lessened fatigue during prolonged use. Finally, the vacuum adapter was an invaluable feature that helped us maintain a cleaner workspace by allowing for easy dust extraction.


In the spirit of a balanced review, we must also mention some areas where the TECCPO circular saw fell short. While the saw’s compact design is advantageous for smaller projects, it might not suffice for more demanding tasks that require heavier-duty tools.

Users have reported that the laser component showed a propensity to malfunction prematurely. The unclear instructions posed another challenge, hindering setup and usage for those less experienced with such tools.

Another aspect we noted was the construction quality. Some plastic components, such as the depth-locking mechanism, seemed more fragile than one would prefer, raising concerns about long-term durability. Also, because the laser guide operates on separate cells rather than being powered by the main unit, users must ensure they have spare cells on hand to avoid interruptions.

Insights From Customer Reviews

When we took a closer look at the TECCPO Mini Circular Saw, we quickly noticed the diversity of opinions among users. The compact size of the saw has been praised, especially useful in tight spaces and perfect for small projects without taking up much room in the workshop. The option to easily cut straight lines with the assistance of the laser guide was a feature that many users found to be particularly beneficial, improving accuracy and user satisfaction.

However, it wasn’t all smooth cutting. Some users reported that their experience was marred by the durability of the product, with specific mentions of the laser guide malfunctioning after minimal use. Moreover, the directions provided were pointed out to be less than clear, which may lead to some initial frustration for less experienced users. The build quality also came up in discussions, with a user mentioning issues with the depth locking feature—which seems to detract from what is otherwise a user-friendly tool.

Despite these grievances, it’s clear that the saw can be a decent addition to a DIY enthusiast’s toolkit, especially considering its affordability and compact form. It’s advisable to approach this product with a set of tempered expectations and an understanding of its intended lightweight, occasional use rather than heavy-duty tasks.

Safety Measures and Design

In our examination of the TECCPO circular saw’s safety features, we were particularly impressed with the intentional design elements aimed at user protection. The double safety button system effectively minimizes accidental starts, an essential consideration when working with power tools. Additionally, the gauge iron wraparound base and aluminum upper cover add a robust layer of safety, shielded from the cutting elements.

While we found the tool to be lightweight and manageable at just over 5 pounds, this does not compromise its stability during use. The inclusion of a laser guide and a clear scale ruler is a commendable aspect of the design, consistently aiding in precise and straight cuts—a feature especially appreciated when precision is non-negotiable in small projects.

However, it’s worth noting that some users might find the laser guide’s reliance on separate batteries less convenient, as it introduces an additional step to the setup. During our tests, the ergonomic rubber grip provided comfort and seemed to reduce fatigue, but we suggest caution, as its compact size may not suit all hand sizes equally, potentially affecting grip and control during extended use.

The ability to connect the tool to a vacuum via the adapter is a notable design element, showing foresight into keeping work environments clean and reducing dust inhalation risks. Overall, while TECCPO’s mini saw showcases a solid commitment to safety and functional design, it’s important for users to meticulously review the user manual and understand all safety mechanisms before operation.


After extensively testing the Mini Circular Saw from TECCPO, we found it to be a valuable addition to any DIY enthusiast’s tool collection.

Its compact design is a real game changer, allowing for easy maneuverability and storage without compromising on power.

The 3700RPM motor, coupled with the sharp blades, makes quick work of woods, tiles, and soft metals, proving that this tool punches above its weight class.

We noticed that the laser guide significantly enhances precision, although we did encounter feedback of it being battery dependent.

This can be a minor inconvenience, but as long as you keep spare batteries around, it shouldn’t disrupt your workflow.

While the product isn’t as robust as some might prefer, the ease of use and control are undeniable.

We were particularly impressed with the saw’s straightforward operation, allowing clean cuts without requiring the bulk usually found with larger units.

However, it’s important to note that it’s designed as a plunge saw, so it may not match every expectation for traditional circular saw tasks.

Through our experience and consideration of the broad user feedback, our consensus is mixed—some minor issues with durability were noted, particularly with the laser and depth locking mechanism.

Despite these drawbacks, if you’re tackling small-scale projects and space is at a premium, this saw could be the right choice for you.

Offering compact power and convenience, it’s worth considering against its competitors, especially for those who rarely use larger, more complex saws.