DEWALT 20V DCS573B Circular Saw Review: Top Jobsite Pick?

If you’re planning some heavy-duty woodworking or construction projects, you may want to consider the DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw (DCS573B). Our time spent with this tool was quite enlightening.

When paired with the FLEXVOLT battery, this circular saw cuts with an authority that belies its cordless nature, showcasing surprising power.

This saw’s brushless motor zips through wood at 5,500 RPM, making quick work of even the most resistant materials.

The convenience of a cordless tool with such muscle was a revelation to us.

The added features like the electric brake and LED light for enhanced visibility prove that this isn’t just about raw power; it’s also about thoughtful design aimed at improving the user experience.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. The absence of a battery in the package might be a deal-breaker for some.

Additionally, the weight and balance might take a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re coming from a lighter model.

We found the rafter hook to be surprisingly handy for onsite work, allowing for secure storage in between tasks.

For anyone invested in the DEWALT ecosystem, the backward compatibility with other 20V MAX* batteries is definitely a plus.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, the DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw stands out in the cordless category with its exceptional power and cutting speed. It may be just the upgrade you need for more demanding jobs.

Balancing power, efficiency, and convenience, this saw is a solid addition to any toolkit. Experience the DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw’s performance firsthand by getting yours here.


Drawing from our hands-on experience with the FLEXVOLT Advantage Circular Saw, we’ve found it strikes a commendable balance between power and portability. When equipped with a FLEXVOLT battery, it’s clear the saw packs a surprising punch—cutting through wood both swiftly and cleanly.

We noticed the increased power does not compromise its agile handling, keeping us in control for precise cuts.

The battery flexibility is a plus; you’re not limited to FLEXVOLT batteries, as it runs on all 20V MAX* DEWALT batteries.

The on-board LED and integrated rafter hook were notable conveniences during use, enhancing visibility and offering easy storage mid-job.

Its electric brake provides an added level of safety, quickly stopping the blade after the trigger is released.

However, the saw comes as a bare tool, so the additional purchase of battery and charger is necessary, which could be a downside if you’re starting from scratch.

The brushless motor’s efficiency is a highlight, giving us fast cutting with less worry about wear.

We were also pleased with how effectively the optional dust port managed the job site mess.

While the saw does indeed power through cuts, it’s worth mentioning that it might be more saw than needed for casual, occasional use. But for those with regular robust projects, the performance and durability suggest it’s a sound investment.

Enhanced Power with FLEXVOLT Batteries

When we put the FLEXVOLT batteries into the DEWALT circular saw, the performance boost is instantly noticeable. It’s not about minor gains; the saw becomes a beast, cutting faster than with standard batteries. We’re talking about slicing through materials with ease.

Yet, with great power comes the responsibility of handling the increased operation speed. The saw now rips at 5,500 RPM, demanding a firm grip and steady control for precise cuts. But this spike in RPM isn’t just for show; it translates into real benefits when making deep cuts.

The enhanced power from the FLEXVOLT shouldn’t intimidate, though. The saw features an electric brake that contributes to safety, promptly bringing the blade to a halt once the trigger is released—a reassuring feature when handling the tool’s amplified torque.

However, power aside, we must acknowledge that the hefty performance could lead to quicker battery drain, which means you’ll want to keep an eye on available spares, particularly on longer jobs. This isn’t a deal-breaker but something to consider for those lengthy projects or a day’s work.

Overall, the upgrade to FLEXVOLT batteries is a tangible leap in cutting performance for this circular saw, especially for demanding tasks that require the extra power to drive through tougher materials efficiently.

Rapid Cutting Speed

We recently had the chance to put the DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE Saw through its paces, and we must say, the cutting speed is impressive. With a high-speed steel blade spinning at a brisk 5500 RPM, the saw sliced through wood seamlessly.

The power behind the tool is evident in its smooth and quick cuts, which is quite a feat for a cordless unit.

However, we did notice that for the best experience, you should ensure your batteries are fully charged. The saw relies on Lithium Ion batteries that provide the juice for its rapid performance. If the battery dips, there might be a noticeable drop in the cutting speed.

Overall, the saw combines a powerful motor and a sharp 24-tooth blade to ensure that you can get jobs done both effectively and efficiently. It’s an excellent choice if you value time-saving without compromising on quality of cut.

Precision and Visibility

When tackling our latest woodworking project, we immediately noticed the keen accuracy at which this DEWALT Circular Saw operated. The blade, crafted from high-speed steel, cut through wood smoothly, maintaining a consistent speed of 5500 RPM.

The 90-degree cutting angle helped in making precise cuts without any deviation from our marked lines.

Visibility has often been an issue with some saws, but this model with its bright yellow and black color scheme stands out. The clear markings on the base and the blade guard improved our line of sight during cutting.

The dust port feature is a helpful addition, removing debris from the cut line, which further increases visibility and precision.

Despite its strengths, we felt the lack of an included battery could be a drawback for someone who prefers an all-in-one package. Nonetheless, once equipped with a Lithium Ion battery, the portability and maneuverability of the tool are remarkable.

No product is without its faults, but we must commend how well this saw performed in what it promises – precise, clear cuts every time.

Safety and Convenience

We’ve recently had our hands on the DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE circular saw and there’s a lot to say about its safety and usability features.

One of the standout safety elements is the electric brake that quickly stops the blade after the trigger is released, a critical feature that can prevent accidents.

The saw’s bright LED contributes significantly to increased cut accuracy, which not only delivers quality results but also adds a layer of safety by enhancing visibility.

As for convenience, the integrated rafter hook allows for quick and easy storage when we’re moving around the site or stowing away the tool after use.

We also appreciate the saw’s dust port, which is compatible with the DEWALT AirLock system. This feature helps us keep our workspace clean by minimizing the dust during cutting operations – a health plus and a time saver for clean-up.

Though we found it to be slightly on the heavier side at 8.2 pounds, the power it packs with compatible FLEXVOLT batteries justifies the extra weight.

While it does require the separate purchase of a FLEXVOLT battery, the upgrade in performance when using one is a fair trade-off, considering the massively increased power output.


When we got our hands on the DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE Circular Saw, the first thing we appreciated was the sheer power it offered.

It’s clear that coupling it with FLEXVOLT batteries truly brings out its potential, delivering a formidable cut. At 5,500 RPM, the saw slices through materials noticeably quickly, enhancing our productivity on various projects.

One standout feature is its depth of cut capabilities—2-9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 2 inches at 45 degrees, impressive for a cordless tool.

The saw also comes with an electric brake, which promptly stops the blade, adding a layer of safety to the overall experience.

Visibility during cutting is crucial, and the bright LED lights on this tool improve accuracy even in lower light conditions.

We’ve found the integrated rafter hook quite useful for storing the saw out of the way between cuts.

Concerned about dust management? The optional dust port is a welcome plus, especially since it’s compatible with DEWALT’s AirLock system or standard dust extractors.

Lastly, the Tool Connect Chip Ready feature is nifty for those of us keen on keeping tabs on our tools, although the chip is sold separately.

Overall, the solid build and compatibility with the DEWALT battery ecosystem confirm this circular saw as a dependable choice for both rigorous job site applications and DIY endeavors.


While we’ve found the DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE saw to be a powerhouse on the job, our experience hasn’t been without a few hiccups.

It’s worth noting that upon delivery, the packaging was somewhat underwhelming – the saw arrived in a plain cardboard box rather than the branded DEWALT one you might expect, which initially gave us a moment of concern regarding the authenticity.

In use, we miss the consistency across DEWALT’s product line; those of us familiar with the 6 1/2 inch saw noted that the base plate is different on this 7 1/4 inch model.

This difference requires a moment’s adjustment, which, while not a deal-breaker, did interrupt what we expect from the brand’s interchangeability.

Lastly, this product comes as ‘tool only’, so be aware that batteries are purchased separately. It’s something to consider if you’re new to the DEWALT ecosystem and don’t have other compatible tools that share the battery platform.

Despite these aspects, the saw’s performance itself remains top-notch, cutting through materials with ease and precision.

Customer Reviews

We’ve been hands-on with the FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE Circular Saw, and like many users, we’ve found it stands up to the task.

With a high rating from nearly two thousand consumers, it’s clear the saw has garnered appreciation for its robust performance and reliable cuts.

Users have put it to the test in full-scale projects, praising its surprise lightweight feel despite its powerful output.

Adjusting the blade height is a breeze, a bonus that several reviews noted, signaling that this tool isn’t just for the seasoned professional; it’s user-friendly for the ambitious homeowner as well.

Although it arrives in plain packaging, rest assured, it does not deter from the genuine DEWALT quality we’ve observed.

The saw powers through materials like pine as if it’s nothing more strenuous than slicing through butter.

Of course, no product is without its critiques. Some long for consistency across models, mentioning a preference for the plate deck found on other DEWALT saws.

Nonetheless, when it comes to power and precision, the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. The saw speaks for itself—clean cuts, efficient, and valued at a reassuring price point.


After hands-on experience with the DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw, we’ve found it to be a robust addition to any toolkit.

It’s evident that the saw’s power and precision are a significant step up from many models on the market.

It’s lightweight, making it easy to handle for a range of tasks, yet it doesn’t skimp on performance.

Adjusting the blade height is straightforward and quick, a feature that boosts efficiency.

However, we noted that the saw arrived in a nondescript cardboard box rather than the expected DEWALT packaging, which was a bit surprising.

This detail doesn’t affect the tool’s operation but might be an important note for those expecting that signature yellow box.

In summary, for anyone from professional builders to DIY enthusiasts, this 7-1/4-inch cordless saw balances power, ease of use, and a quality build that seems to live up to the DEWALT reputation.

The saw cuts through wood smoothly, reminiscent of slicing through butter, and it manages to impress with its durability.

Despite minor packaging concerns, the overall consensus is that this circular saw delivers on its promises.